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WODA Skin Care offers a collection of natural face wash products designed to provide you with that deep cleansing experience to clear the pores of impurities. These gentle cleansers contain only all-natural organic products, and each ingredient is carefully chosen for their versatile properties, ideal for all skin types. All WODA Skin Care products are always created using cruelty-free methods, never tested on animals. 

Many deep cleansers on the market cause dryness and irritation after repeated use, oftentimes causing more harm than good. WODA has designed a solution to this problem, offering the Perfect 2-in-1 Cleanser, which contains both deep cleaning and hydrating properties. The solution is infused with coconut oil that can be used as an effective, yet gentle makeup remover, while soothing aloe and organic sweet almond oil leave your skin feeling soft and supple. Organic lavender is woven into this magical formula, providing a relaxing, natural scent. This cleanser is perfect for use right before bedtime to remove the abrasive dirt and makeup acquired throughout the day.

For an invigorating start to your morning, WODA offers a Clear Skin Cleanser that leaves your skin glowing each new day. This solution contains both glycolic and salicylic acid that creates a foaming action to further cleanse your skin. This cleanser is ideal for acne-prone skin, containing hibiscus petals and microbeads to aid in removing dead skin, dirt particles, and other blemish-causing materials. For a soothing, hydrating finish, this cleanser moisturizes the skin with organic jojoba oil, willow bark, and rose hip oil, always leaving the skin elastic and supple. 

Did you know that coconut oil is a natural antibacterial and antifungal, and has been used for ages across cultures as an effective and luxurious moisturizer? Coconut oil is even known for helping the skin hydrate and repair itself while you sleep, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles or blemishes. WODA wants you to enjoy the amazing benefits of coconut oil by offering a Totally Clean: Coconut Foaming Cleanser to help soothe and calm the skin. Not only will you enjoy the tropic scent of coconut, but this solution also contains plant extract and aloe vera for their natural moisturizing properties.