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Changing Your Skin Care Routine for the Warm Weather

Changing Your Skin Care Routine for the Warm Weather

With warmer weather finally on the horizon, it's time to start thinking about spring and summer. That means transitioning to a warm-weather wardrobe that includes shorts, sundresses, and swimsuits while also planning the first barbecue of the season. Those are the obvious changes. Many people don't realize that this also is the right time to transition to a new skin care regimen.


When you think about it, the need to switch from cold-weather skincare to something that's more appropriate for potentially hot and humid conditions is clear. Gone are the days of cold, biting wind that attacks your skin from every angle. Now, your skin has to contend with sweat, chlorine and excessive sun exposure. With temperatures rising, you also may notice that your skin is oilier in the spring and summer than it was in the fall and winter. Once again, this signals the need to change up your skin care routine, but what sort of changes do you need to make?


Fortunately, WODA's skin care experts are prepared with advice and plenty of products that will benefit your skin throughout the warm-weather months. Read on to discover all of the smart changes that you can make to your routine to keep taking great care of your skin all season long.


1. Turn Down the Heat in the Shower


A warm or even hot shower can feel great in the winter when the weather is cold. However, it is beneficial to keep a lid on the water temperature all year long, and spring is the perfect time to start the habit. A lukewarm shower is an ideal way to prevent your daily bathing from stripping essential, healthy oils from your skin. You'll probably need a bit fewer moisturizer thanks to that cooler shower.


2. Try a New Cleanser 



With summer's higher humidity levels, your skin may be working overtime to produce oil. This leaves your skin feeling sticky and makes it more prone to an acne breakout. While wintertime face cleansing typically means a rich, hydrating cleanser, consider using a product that is more focused on oil control for the summer.


WODA's Clear Skin Cleanser is the perfect solution in hotter weather. Formulated with a gentle lavender distillate, this cleanser removes dirt and oil while also helping to fight acne breakouts with ingredients like witch hazel. Our Clear Skin Cleanser also features coconut oil, which is an important ingredient for getting rid of excess sebum and environmental impurities. Nonetheless, your skin will get the vital hydration that it needs throughout the year.


3. Use a Light but Nourishing Serum


The long, hot and humid days of summer can be really hard on your skin. Mix in a few hours of swimming in a chlorinated pool or the ocean and you have a recipe for seriously irritated skin. All of that sun exposure and the increased time spent in the outdoors where environmental toxins can assault your skin also conspire to leave your skin looking tired and dull.


This is where a great serum comes to the rescue. A serum adds just a light layer of product to your skin, but that layer packs quite a punch. That's because serums are highly concentrated formulations that feature tons of beneficial ingredients. They are placed on your skin immediately after cleansing and toning if you choose to use a toner. Accordingly, the serum is right next to your skin where it can do the most good. This helps it to seep fully into your pores where it provides protection and rejuvenation.



In the winter, you may want a thicker serum, perhaps even one that is oil-based. Summertime calls for something a bit lighter. WODA's excellent Youth Elixir: Peptides & Stem Cell Serum is the ideal product for the spring and summer. It's designed to benefit dry, combination and even mature skin. Featuring ingredients like aloe, this is the perfect serum for skin that is stressed by heat and sun in the summer. It's cooling, soothing properties give your skin welcome relief while also providing an effective barrier between your delicate skin and environmental toxins. Plus, this serum can work wonders when it comes to reversing the signs of aging.


4. Take Care of Your Eyes


The delicate skin around your eyes requires special consideration and care. This is the area that is most easily and quickly affected by sun damage. Moreover, every time you squint in the bright sunlight, you're inviting more wrinkles that are certain to be deep and lasting.


You can help to fight these effects by always wearing sunglasses when you're outdoors or when you're in a car. Sunglasses help to prevent you from frowning and squinting against the glare of the sun, which minimizes the risk of developing wrinkles. Make certain that your sunnies cover as much of the eye area as possible, as this prevents UV rays from touching the super-delicate skin around your eyes.


In addition to wearing sunglasses, it's wise to use a serum for your eyes that protect the skin against toxins, irritation and the sun. You'll see far fewer wrinkles if you make a potent eye serum a regular part of your skincare routine.



WODA's Nourish: Peptides Eye Crème provides essential hydration and nourishment for the thin skin that surrounds your eyes. Soothing aloe and hyaluronic acid are among the primary ingredients in this eye serum. Accordingly, you can expect to minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles in surprisingly little time. You'll also notice that under-eye dark circles look lighter and that you have less under-eye puffiness with regular use. That's thanks to the Coenzyme Q10 that's also in this formulation. Your eyes will look better in no time.


5. Choose a Lighter Moisturizer


Winter's lower temperatures and humidity along with cold winds mean that your skin needs a heavy, creamy moisturizer. However, spring and summer conditions are far different. Warmer temperatures and higher humidity make your oil glands work overtime. Increased oiliness, when combined with a heavier moisturizer, can leave your skin feeling sticky and looking shiny. You're also more likely to see an acne breakout.


That's why a more lightweight moisturizer is an essential part of your warmer weather skincare routine. Don't make the mistake of not using any moisturizer. This can dehydrate your skin, causing your oil glands to work even harder to produce yet more sebum.



Instead, choose a moisturizer like WODA's Clear Skin Moisturizer. This formulation smoothes onto the skin easily, moving beneath the surface to deliver essential hydration without leaving a sticky residue. Refreshing ingredients like jojoba oil and Echinacea soothe your skin and help to control oil production and shine. Whether or not you are prone to acne breakouts, you'll love that this product makes your skin glow and your pores shrink.


6. Be Vigilant About Sunscreen


With winter's cloudy days, many people find that they forget to wear sunscreen. This habit may even extend into warmer weather. That is unfortunate because the sun's UV rays can cause damage to the skin in any type of weather and in any season. Even being outdoors on an overcast day can result in premature skin aging with signs like dark spots, lines, wrinkles, and uneven pigmentation.


The bad effects of the sun are more immediately obvious in the summer than they are in the winter. A red, itchy sunburn is a painful reminder that you forgot to wear sunscreen. However, it's critical to remember that even a suntan is unhealthy. Not long ago, tanned skin was considered a sign of health and vitality. Now, it is known that a suntan is actually skin damage. What looks attractive today brings the signs of premature aging tomorrow.



This is why wearing sunscreen every day is critical. Summer's longer days and outdoor pursuits mean that you should never head out the door without sunblock. Your face, neck, and décolletage need even better protection because this skin is so sensitive. WODA's Tinted or Non-Tinted Facial Mineral Protectant with SPF 40 is the ideal product to protect your skin from wrinkles, dark spots and other signs of damage.


All you have to do is smooth this natural formulation on your skin every morning before heading out the door. It's packed with ingredients like zinc oxide that prevent the sun's UV rays from penetrating your skin. When you use it every day, you can say good-bye to sunburns and the damaging effects of UV rays for good. The tinted version even gives you that healthy glow that you crave without putting your skin in danger.


7. Try a Different Mask


An at-home facial can be much more relaxing, and less expensive, than a day at the spa. While winter masks focus on hydration, you may look for different effects from a summertime mask. For instance, you may want to guard your skin against acne breakouts or minimize the production of excess oil. Other people may want to provide a calm and soothing antidote to skin that is stressed by heat and sweat.



WODA has the right mask for you based on the specific needs of your skin in the warmer weather. Choose the Brilliant Enzyme Mask if you want to protect yourself from the signs of premature aging. As your skin produces excess sebum, you're bound to see a buildup of dead skin cells on the surface. You need a mask that exfoliates while it nourishes, and that is precisely what the Brilliant Enzyme Mask does.


Gentle, beneficial glycolic acid gets rid of those dull, dead skin cells while Vitamins A and C protect your skin. You'll notice that your skin looks tighter and more toned with just a few uses thanks to ingredients like gotu kola and reishi mushrooms. If your skin is really sensitive to heat and changes in your environment, then this mask can provide the soothing refreshment that it needs to withstand these stressors.


If you are really concerned about breakouts, then WODA's Clear Skin Anti Blemish Mask is the solution that you have been looking for. The bentonite clay in this formula possesses amazing properties that control the production of excess oil. In fact, this incredible ingredient even forms a protective barrier between your skin and environmental toxins. You can play outdoors all summer long when you regularly use WODA's Clear Skin Anti Blemish Mask.


If you use the same skincare routine all year long, then your skin may be missing out on critical nourishment and hydration. Even worse, your skin may be suffering damage that could be avoided by making just a few adjustments to your routine. When you change your skincare regimen for warmer weather, you'll see fewer breakouts, less shine and vibrant, healthier skin.

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