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Looking Good and Feeling Great

Looking Good and Feeling Great

The importance of taking care of your skin organically

Organic and natural skin care products are growing in popularity each and every day. They are trending in spas, pharmacies, and department stores as well as online.

So what is the motivation to use these products?

The skin is the largest organ in our bodies and easily absorbs nearly everything we put into it.  Our bloodstream picks up the ingredients from these products as they make their way to all our organs. With constant exposure to chemicals in the water, harsh sunlight, air pollution and non-organic products, it’s no surprise that there is an increase in cases of cancer as well as other illnesses. We do not have control of everything that we are exposed to, but we can choose what we use on our skin.

It is common sense that just like eating natural, low processed food is good for our health, so is using skin care products with no chemicals good for your skin and overall health. The natural skin care idea is nothing new. Before there were cosmetics sold in jars, women were making their lotions and facial masks in their kitchen using fruits and vegetables they picked from their gardens or local farmers markets.

I remember my grandmother using lemon on her skin to lighten her complexion, and I used to rinse my hair in chamomile tea to achieve soft and golden highlights. Cleopatra famously bathed in milk every night and applied a gold mask to her face.

Although using self-made products is still a good idea, there is an advantage to use natural products made in the lab. Chemists have now perfected ways to extract the best ingredients from fruits and vegetables delivering them in a micronized form so that they can have a better penetration path into our skin. Vitamins, peptides and fruit acids can also help in managing and improving different skin care conditions. It takes research and experience to know what ingredients work best and processes them together for the best results for each skin condition. 

So with so many natural and organic companies to choose from, how does one determine which products are best to purchase? The best way is to read the ingredients list of every product. The ingredients that are used in the largest quantity are listed at the top. Look for certified organic vitamins, herbs, and essential oils and Certified Organic and Cruelty-Free logos.

Keep in mind that words such as “fragrance” are broad terms to cover up a wide range of chemical additives. In addition to fragrances, harmful toxins found in skin care products include mineral oil, parables and color pigments. Chemical products are not only are detrimental to our bodies but by using and rinsing them off, we are affecting the Earth’s water systems. So be kind to yourself and the environment by switching to Natural and Organic skin care products.


To your health,

Margaret Tomaszewicz

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