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Looking Good & Feeling Great: The Importance of a Correct In-Home Regiments for Young Adults

Looking Good & Feeling Great: The Importance of a Correct In-Home Regiments for Young Adults

As a skin care therapist, I treat a wide range of clients, but nothing gives me more pleasure than when a young person in their 20s or early 30s comes to me for their very first facial!

They come to me a little shy and unsure, but hopeful that I can help them with their skin problems. Starting a first job or going to college is challenging. Young people like to look their best and not be judged on their looks. 

Most problems at this age are acne and clogged up pores, but also this is a perfect opportunity to begin a regime, which will help to prevent premature aging. Healthy habits that begin in the 20s can make a big difference in the health and appearance of ones’ skin later on in life. It is much easier to preserve the youth than trying to regain it.

So this is the perfect time to get serious about ones’ skincare routine. 


After a long day, it is tempting to go to sleep without washing off makeup, but I guarantee you that is the worst thing to do! The oil, grime, and pollution must be thoroughly cleansed from ones’ face before going to bed because that’s the time when the skin repairs itself. And bacteria left on the skin overnight creates clogged up pores along with acne.

Foaming cleaners are the best for young people. They remove makeup, surface dirt, and oils. For women I always recommend double cleansing, first to wash off make up, second for deeper cleansing.


The skin is constantly creating new cells, so exfoliation helps in sloughing off dead skin to reveal healthy new layers of fresh skin and also keep the pores clean. 

Manual scrubs are the easiest and most popular form of exfoliation.

Some treatments contain small grains from nuts or charcoal while others may contain glycolic and lactic acids. Synthetic grains are forbidden now in the USA due to danger to marine life. For very sensitive skin, natural enzyme exfoliators are also available.

I recommend exfoliation no more than two to three times a week. Too much exfoliating may cause redness and irritation

Treating Breakouts

Acne breakouts can appear on the face, back, the neck or shoulders. This condition can be painful and cause emotional distress. If not treated properly, it can lead to scarring and hyperpigmentation. Extraction needs to be done solely by a professional esthetician, but topical serums can help in controlling this problem. Some serums contain Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, and Sulfur. The most effective ones are ones that contain soothing organic ingredients to prevent over-drying. WODA's Clear Skin Moisturizer is called one of the best face moisturizer for acne prone skin


Young people, especially the one with breakouts, are often reluctant to use moisturizers. This is a huge mistake. Dry, flaky skin clogs up the pores. Hydrated skin not only looks great but it is crucial for the health of the skin. The key is to choose a correct product that is oil-free and contains hyaluronic acids. Hyaluronic acids do not cause breakouts and aids in reducing fine lines.

Using Sunscreen 

Skincare damage is cumulative so protecting yourself from the aging effect of the sun is important to start at a young age. Sun damage and more importantly skin cancer can show up years later. A non-chemical, zinc based broad spectrum sunscreen is best to use since chemical sunscreens will cause skin irritations and breakouts.

Zinc sunscreens are now sold in a micronized form which does not leave your skin white. Some have color tints that can be used instead of makeup.

I recommend starting your day by applying some zinc sunscreen in the morning and reapplying it after lunch.


In between professional facials, clay or charcoal masks will help in keeping complexion looking smoother and more glowing. Choose a mask that is natural and does not contain harsh chemicals, and they can be used once or twice a week. 

Starting a proper at home health care skin care routine that is combined with a healthy diet will improve how young people look and feel about themselves. And that can contribute to happier lives!

As always please choose skin care that is natural, organic and cruelty-free.


To your health!


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