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Organic Skin Care: Only the Finest Ingredients

Organic Skin Care: Only the Finest Ingredients

When using only organic skin care products to enhance and sustain your glowing appearance, you can be assured that the ingredients within these products are not only the highest quality possible, but better for both you and the earth compared to non-organic alternatives. Farming plants and nuts that are all-natural and not genetically modified renders organisms that contain a balanced, natural composition of nutrients, antioxidants, and other active compounds sought after for their delicate properties.

Despite the generally higher costs of farming and maintaining organic plants and organisms, organic skin care products made from these materials are free from synthetic additives, chemical fertilizers, and pesticides. Additionally, the United States Department of Agriculture also defines organic foods and organisms as being free from petroleum or sewage-based fertilizers that are known to not only destroy the earth’s groundwater preserves, but are damaging to the plants they are used to help grow. Derivatives of these harmful chemicals not only can cause harm to your sensitive facial skin, but are also known to be hard on the earth’s natural compounds. Making the decision to use only organic skin care products will not only benefit the health and beauty of your skin, but it helps the earth as well. Check out this great article of the native deodorant reviews

To go hand-in-hand with their One Tree Planted green earth initiative, the WODA Skin Care line offers products created exclusively from organic and all-natural materials. Margaret designed this line not only to offer ingredients of the highest quality for your skin and face, but also to help protect the earth by sourcing products free from these harmful pesticides and fertilizers. From the Vitamin C found in the Age Defy serum to the Bamboo and Evening Primrose Oil found in the Magic Bamboo & Charcoal Mask, all ingredients are sourced from farms that are free from pesticides, GMOs, fertilizers, and other synthetic materials. You can rest assured each time you use a product from WODA Skin Care’s Organic Skin Care collection, you are using the finest ingredients designed to use on the most vulnerable and delicate parts of your skin. WODA skin care is also affordable, so use the very best, you deserve it!

For every product sold a tree is planted, so we thank you for helping our planet stay green.

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