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8 Skincare Trends That You Need to Know in 2019

8 Skincare Trends That You Need to Know in 2019

Much like trends for clothes and hair, skin care trends change from year to year. I nearly always look forward to these trends with great anticipation, and I'm doing even more so this year. That's because there's never been a more concerted, industry-wide effort to move toward cruelty-free skincare.

Even government agencies are hopping on the bandwagon by passing laws that ban animal testing for beauty products in countries around the world. Plus, an increasing number of consumers are making all-natural, organic selections when it comes to food, clothing and the treatments that they apply to their skin.

I like to think that we're a bit ahead of the curve at WODA European Natural Skin Care. After all, we've been an all organic skincare brand since day 1 and we wouldn't have it any other way. Trends come and go, but environmental responsibility and choosing organic products for skin care will always remain in style.

Here are some of the most exciting skin care trends that are on the horizon for 2019. 

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1. Organic, Cruelty-Free Products

The journey from the idea for a new skincare product to the finished item being available for sale is long and winding. Occasionally, that road includes the testing of these products on animals, despite the fact that studies suggest that such testing is an accurate predictor of human reactions to the product just 40 to 60 percent of the time. Animal testing of products further is costly, which contributes to the higher price of beauty products across the board.

Things are changing slowly as more and more of the companies that make skincare products are opting not to test on animals. In September 2018, the State of California took a landmark step that banned the sale of cosmetics that were tested on animals.

Called the California Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act, the new law prevents manufacturers from importing, selling or offering for sale any cosmetics that were developed with animal testing. The law is similar to one that already is in place in the European Union.

You can join the fight by insisting on only buying skincare and cosmetic products that are completely organic and cruelty-free. Choosing an organic skincare brand is the perfect place to start.

Lucky for you, WODA European Natural Skin Care is available, boasting an entire line of skin care products that are never tested on animals. The ingredients we use are natural and organic, and you'll be surprised by how affordable each product is. 

2. Clean Beauty

Many mainstream skincare products and cosmetics make use of ingredients that not only are not natural but also may be harmful to you and the environment. Some of the most widely used ingredients are parabens, sulfates, and silicones.

Studies suggest that parabens are bad news. A study in 2004 uncovered the presence of parabens in cancerous breast tissue. Moreover, scientists know that parabens are capable of mimicking estrogen in the human body, which means that they may disrupt natural hormones.

Researchers are still working to uncover the true extent of the risk that is regularly exposed to parabens in skin care products poses. However, more people are deciding to take an approach that is better safe than sorry by avoiding these cosmetic preservatives.

Sulfates are a family of cleansing agents that frequently are found in cleansers and shampoos. In fact, they are responsible for the familiar lather that's common in all soap products. They can create all sorts of irritation to the eyes and skin as well as strip away the essential oils that keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Sulfate-free products are available. In fact, WODA features a number of sulfate-free cleansers like the Perfect 2-In-1 Cleanser and the Clear Skin Cleanser. You can trust these products to gently yet thoroughly clean your skin without causing irritation.

Similarly, silicones can be harmful, especially for people with sensitive skin. While these ingredients can help to make skin look flawless and smooth, they can cause painful irritation too. This is largely due to the chemical process that the silicone undergoes. To minimize the risk of irritation, steer clear of products containing dimethicone, phenyl trimethicone, and similar ingredients.

You can avoid parabens, sulfates, and silicones simply by using WODA's full line of skin care products. None of these potentially irritating ingredients ever finds their way into our formulations.

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3. Simplified Skin-Care Routines

The famous and much-copied 10-step skincare routine favored by beauty mavens in Korea is going on a strict diet for 2019. Now, many people who were once devoted to this complicated routine are using just two or three steps from beginning to end.

Why are they making the switch? Most of them are trying to avoid skin irritation. The problem with the 10-step routine is that people were slathering so many different treatments and preparations on their skin that it was causing redness, discomfort and even contact dermatitis.

The newly simplified skincare routine involves just two or three steps. Usually, these are cleansing, moisturizing and sunscreen. In addition to minimizing irritation, the revamped routine also costs less and takes up far less time. When you simplify your skincare routine, you may find that you have more time for sleeping, meditating or catching up with a good friend so go minimalistic in 2019.

That's easy to do with WODA. All you have to do is choose the formulations that are right for your skin. Then, decide how many steps are right for you. Cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturizer are recommended, but you can do more or less depending upon your needs.

4. Skin Brightening Products

Have you heard about skin brighteners yet? If not, then you are bound to hear about them again and again as 2019 picks up steam. 

The right skin brightener can have a wealth of benefits for your skin. These benefits may include the reduction of dark spots caused by acne scars or sun exposure. Skin brighteners also may increase your skin's rate of cell turnover. This means that your face will look softer and younger because all of the dull, old skin cells will be sloughed away.

Many skin brightening products are on the market today, but they aren't all created equal. Some of them are too harsh or contain numerous chemical ingredients that are more likely to cause irritation than to improve the condition of your skin.

That's why I am so in love with our line of cruelty-free skin care products, which includes Radiant Brightening Serum. This completely natural and organic product is composed of healthy ingredients like kojic acid, organic anise, willow bark, ginseng and jojoba oil to correct the signs of photodamage and premature aging. The formulation also contains plant-based hyaluronic acid, which is known to be far safer and more effective than the hydroquinone used in many other brightening products. 


5. Zinc-Based Sunscreens 

Zinc oxide is an incredible natural ingredient that's found in all sorts of products from diaper rash creams to calamine lotions. Its soothing properties are legendary, and it just may make the best sunscreen ever.

Zinc naturally provides broad-spectrum protection from UV rays so that it prevents sunburns. It is even effective on skin that is photo-sensitive. Essentially, the zinc in the sunscreen creates a reflective barrier on the skin so that the sun's rays bounce off of the skin and are distributed back into the environment.

At WODA, we make two incredible zinc-based sunscreens, especially for your face. One version is tinted zinc face sunscreen while the other one is not. This makes it possible for you to forego your usual foundation if you prefer.

Both formulations of this facial mineral sunscreen have a grease-free finish that won't leave your skin feeling oily or sticky. In fact, you'll achieve a flawless matte finish that provides unsurpassed UV protection.

The active ingredients in these products are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Both boast superior sun-blocking abilities to keep you looking young and fresh without ever getting burned. With an SPF of 40, these products can easily protect your face from the signs of premature aging. I never go outside without wearing one of our zinc-based sunscreens. 

6. Enzyme-Based Exfoliation 

Exfoliation is an essential part of any complete skincare routine. Basically, it is a process by which dead skin cells, toxins, and debris are removed from the outer layer of your skin. When performed regularly and with the right exfoliating product, your skin will look brighter, younger and smoother.

Like all skincare products, not all exfoliators are created equal. This year, enzyme-based formulas are definitely in the driver's seat. So, what's an enzyme, and how can it help you achieve your best skin ever?

An enzyme is just a material that helps to make chemical reactions happen more quickly. In the realm of skincare, enzymes usually serve one of two purposes. They either put a stop to inflammation or are helpful exfoliators.

Enzyme-based exfoliators are generally gentler than microdermabrasion or scrubs. Nonetheless, they help to remove the dead cells on your skin's surface while also breaking down the keratin protein that is trapped in those cells. The result is far smoother skin. 

If you want to turn back the clock on your skin and discover how enzymes can transform your appearance, then try WODA's Brilliant Enzyme Mask. Packed with natural ingredients such as glycolic acid, pumpkin enzymes, organic rosehip oil, and aloe, you'll be amazed at how this product can change the way you see your skin. 

7. Products Containing Antioxidants and Hyaluronic Acid

Ingredients such as antioxidants and hyaluronic acid are just what you need to keep your skin looking and feeling much younger than your actual age. Antioxidants are capable of prohibiting the production of free radicals that cause damage to the skin. When you use them as a regular part of your skin care routine, antioxidants can help sunspots to fade and soothe inflammation. The right antioxidant also may provide essential hydration while further helping to increase your skin's ability to retain moisture. 

Hyaluronic acid is similarly beneficial to your skin. It provides tons of necessary hydration, and it even acts as a natural humectant to help your skin absorb and retain moisture. Hyaluronic acid further protects your skin from environmental damage and pollutants. The result is skin that is more resilient and brighter.

You can experience the benefits of antioxidants yourself through several of WODA's products. These include the Nourish: Peptides Eye Cream and the Rejuvenate: Retinol Crème. Look for hyaluronic acid in our Hydrate: Botanical Hyaluronic Acid Serum and in our Age Defy: Vitamin C & Stem Cell Serum, which also is packed with antioxidants. 

8. Facial Oils

Oil production naturally decreases with age, but this doesn't mean that our skin no longer needs the nourishment and hydration that oil provides. One of the best and most reliable ways to make up for this deficiency in oil production is to use a facial oil.

When skin is too dry, it is far more prone to lines and wrinkles in addition to breakouts. If you use a facial oil, your skin gets the hydration that it needs. It also receives an extra layer of protection against environmental damage.

WODA's Rejuvenate Antioxidant Facial Oil is a miracle product that contains ingredients like carthamus oil, safflower seed oil, grape seed oil, and other nourishing compounds. Just a couple of drops used morning and evening are enough to protect and fortify your skin.

Try one or all of these trends in the New Year. You are bound to see amazing results when you use WODA's cruelty-free skin care products, and you can feel good about the organic ingredients that are nourishing your skin.

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