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WODA European Natural Skin Care is Devoted to a Green Planet

WODA European Natural Skin Care is Devoted to a Green Planet

Now more than ever the world needs help replenishing its supply of fresh air, clean soil, and green landscapes, as our environment increasingly becomes subject to pollution and greenhouse gasses. Pollution and unclean water sources is a major cause of death and diseases in many underdeveloped countries, which is why the restoration of trees and forests is vital to the survival of both native animals and communities.

An astonishing 80% of the world’s forests have been destroyed through deforestation efforts, both for communities to live and the production of paper products and housing. This unfortunately results in the loss of thousands of indigenous species which depend on these forests for survival, in addition to the increase of greenhouse gasses, loss of natural medical remedies, and clean air and water. The process of reforestation is therefore an initiative to restore a portion of the world’s forestry in order to slow the detrimental effects of the loss of the world’s tree population.

The WODA European Natural Skin Care line is devoted to this initiative for a clean, greener planet, which is why they are partnering with One Tree Planted, a non-profit that helps both individuals and organizations contribute to the planting of trees around the world. For every product sold from the WODA European Natural Skin Care line on and Amazon, WODA is contributing to plant a tree. One Tree Planted has challenged businesses throughout the United States to commit to planting 2,000 trees per year, so it is WODA’s goal to complete this challenge!

WODA is an all natural and organic skin care line created by celebrity esthetician Margaret Tomaszewicz.

Woda means water in Polish and was designed to help all skin care types looks their best. Special thanks to philanthropist Tad Taube for his dedication to Jewish-Polish heritage.

Margaret chose best quality and result-driven ingredients. From Aloe Vera, Vitamin C , Calendula, Lavender to Green Tea, and many more, these components are sourced from pesticide-free environments, resulting in products that you can feel good about using. Additionally, all products from the WODA Skin Care line are cruelty-free and never tested animals of any sort. Finally, all items are sold in recyclable jars that are easy on the environment.

WODA invites you to participate in this greener earth initiative and is proud to be giving back in a way that promotes a better, cleaner earth.


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