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Looking Good & Feeling Great: The Importance of Getting a Good Night Sleep

Looking Good & Feeling Great: The Importance of Getting a Good Night Sleep

In my European Skin Care Studio, clients ask my advice on how to look their best. Aside from reserving a customized facial treatment and using good organic products at home, I remind them of the true benefits of a “beauty sleep" when they ask me "How many hours of sleep do I need?".

So today I would like to remind you about the many benefits of sleep, which will improve your skins’ health. Lack of sleep will increase the amount of stress hormone called cortisol. Although we need some cortisol in our bodies, too much can lead to inflammation. When inflammation becomes chronic, our skin is susceptible to conditions like eczema, rosacea, and wrinkles. Not enough sleep and added stress cause acne and blackheads.

Many of my clients are young adults that have issues with breakouts in their mid-thirties. Due to their busy schedules and stressful lives, they do not take care of their skin correctly and often do not get enough rest. I educate them on the importance of maintaining proper skincare and making positive changes in their lifestyles.

An increase in the level of cortisol hormones will also make the thyroid and metabolism sluggish, which means our bodies will burn fat less efficiently. This slow down in metabolism leads to weight gain, feeling tired and being more susceptive to illnesses. 

The other hormone our body needs to look and feel good is a growth hormone. In this case, we need a more significant level of growth hormone because it is responsible for regrowth and regeneration of the damaged cells. If that is not able to happen due to lack of sleep, our aging process will be accelerated. 

Sleep is the time when our immune systems regenerate. During a good nights’ sleep, the skin recovers moisture and metabolizes water-soluble toxins for detoxification. If this process is disrupted, it will result in poor water balance, which can lead to dark circles, puffy eyes, and dryness of the skin along with fine lines.

As you can see, sleep is not only a cornerstone of our health but also our looks. In order to have a good night sleep, there are some simple things we can do before bedtime: 

  • Go to sleep before 11pm. The body does most of its recharging between hours of 11pm and 1am.
  • Do not change your bedtime hours. Even on the weekends, try to go to sleep and get up at the same time.
  • Avoid eating grain, refined sugar snacks and drinking alcohol. Although those foods will make you drowsy, the effect is short, and you will wake up in a couple of hours later in the middle of the most relaxing part of sleep-the REM stage. Instead, eat some fruit and high-protein snacks. This will help raise your brain’s L-tryptophan level. 
  • Exercising during the day will improve your sleep at night. However, do not exercise right before bedtime. The best time to have a physical activity is in the morning. This practice will improve body fat burning throughout the day. 
  • Prepare your bedroom for the best night of sleep. 
  • Keep the temperature in the bedroom below 70 degrees. The study’s show that keeping the temperature in the room between 65 to 70 degrees is optimum for a good night sleep as this mimics your body temperature during the night.
  • Make the room as dark as possible by closing the doors and shades on windows. Light in the room can disrupt your internal clock.
  • Keep your phones and alarm clocks at least 3 feet from your bed. We are dependent upon electrical devices all day long, so “unplug” for the night. You can check all the messages and news in the morning.
  • Write down things you need to do the next day. That way you will not be trying to recall them in the middle of the night.
  • Make your bed comfortable by investing in good mattresses, comfortable pillows, and quality sheets. That will make you look forward to “cozying up” in your bed.
  • Use a touch of Lavender scented essential oil to your bedroom. Lavender is a perfect sleep-inducing Aromatherapy mainstay.
  • Try wearing an eye mask to bed. For both my husband and me that one simple thing has dramatically improved our sleep experience. 
  • I also like to read something spiritual or uplifting before bedtime. That is why I get a printed copy of “The Eden Magazine” and keep them on my night table. I always find many wonderful stories and photographs that make my dreams so much better!

I hope you will find some of my sleep remedies helpful, bringing you a beautiful night of sleep every night.

To your health!


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